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How to Streamline The Home Inspection Process and Save Time

Please be present for the entire inspection. Your assistance may be needed for the exterior portion of the inspection as well as the conclusion of the inspection.

  • All common areas should be accessible.
  • Confirm that water, electric and gas services are on, including pilot lights.
  • If the seller/tenants have pets, ideally they should be removed from the premises or secured outside. Please be sure to notify the seller/tenant of this in advance.
  • Replace burned out bulbs to avoid a “light is inoperative” report, which may suggest an electrical problem. This will also enable the inspector to move quickly through the inspection and not waste valuable time searching for lights.
  • It would be beneficial if all stored items and debris are moved away from the foundation. This will enable the inspector to move freely around the exterior of the home and have easy access to all necessary areas.
  • Items blocking access to HVAC equipment, electric service panels, water heaters, and crawl spaces should be removed temporarily.
  • Unlock areas the inspector must access: Hatches, electric service panels, closets, fence gates and crawl spaces.
  • Be sure the attic has easy access. Remove clothing from poles and shelves in closets that have attic access.
  • Repair broken or missing items such as doorknobs, locks and latches; windowpanes, screens; gutters, downspouts and chimney caps.
  • In the winter months clear snow from walkways, driveways and decks.
  • Know the location and operation of thermostats. Know what zones are controlled by which thermostats.
  • Be able to locate the main water shut off.
  • It is helpful to the inspector if vehicles are removed from the garage. This will allow the inspector to move freely through the garage portion of the inspection.

Tiger Home Inspection is constantly trying to find new ways to streamline the inspection process. It is our belief that if these suggestions are addressed prior to the inspection, it would ultimately save us all valuable time.

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